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Travel Generation: New Zealand

  • Project Name: Travel Generation
  • URL:http://www.travelgeneration.com/
  • Work done:
    • Website Design and Development
    • Internet Marketing and Advertising
    • Development of blog-a-zine
    • SwuzzleBucket advertising partner
    • Travel planning functionality
    • Unique social bookmarking functionality including geo-data
    • Exporting to Outlook and iCal

Finally we have taken the Travel Generation website from a basic travel blog to something of a significant development.  Firstly, the travel blog has been completely redeveloped and redesigned.  Most importantly navigation throughout the articles is easier with articles being categorised by the type of article they are (destinations, event, resources etc.) and a lot more recent articles being available from the blog home page.  This will become more relevant as Travel Generation increases publication to twice a day.

The blog now uses the Disquis commenting system which has the advantage of tracking comments over a much wider network, the use of avatars that a user can have over multiple websites, and the tracking of comments in social media such as Twitter.  The sharing of the articles in social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are made all that much easier with the addition of clear social bookmarklets at the end of each article.

The site includes advertising from the SwuzzleBucket advertising network including a featured advertiser that is unique to Travel Genertation adn more than the average SwuzzleBucket advertising.

While the new blog design looks cool – the big news about the new Travel Generation is the release of the beta travel planning software.  Quite simply not wanting to blow our own trumpet too much – this is one of the coolest things Xebidy has ever done.  The concept of the Travel Generation travel planning software is that a user can traverse the Internet visiting any web page they want and subsequently bookmark that page to their own travel planning space.  At the moment they do this use a bookmarklet which they add to their bookmarks or favourites tab.  While on another webpage the user simply clicks the “Save to TG” bookmarker and Travel Generation spiders and indexes the page.  From within their Travel Generation account that user can then schedule that item to build up a travel itinerary seeing on a calendar or map; they can also add extra images, amend the notes and descriptions about the item and comment on it.

Users can then share their travel plans with friends and family, export the calendars to Outlook or iCal and share on Facebook.

Travel Generation is currently in private beta release meaning that users need to be invited to use the travel planning software.  This is so that development and release can be controlled.  Anyone wanting to be included can add their name to the list on the website.

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