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Fletcher Living at Jacks Point: New Zealand

  • Project Name: Fletcher Living at Jack’s Point
  • URL: http://www.flq.co.nz
  • Project highlights:
    • Redevelop existing website from Flash to HTML and Javascript for search engines
    • Ongoing search engine work and marketing
    • Redesigned in July 2008 adding screen-scraping of houses for sale from corporate site
    • Modern spruce up given in July 2009

Fletcher Living at Jack’s Point General Manager Neville Dennis approached Xebidy after hearing our Managing Strategic Designer Dan Roberts talk at the Queenstown Business Network.  The first question was how can their website be improved in search engines – the answer easy, remove it from flash.

The original Fletcher Living at Jack’s Point website was developed entirely in flash – it looked great, but it was useless as search engines could not index the website.  Xebidy has been able to completely replicate the look and feel and all functionality of the original flash website in HTML and Javascript.  We have even added a few extras such as the lightbox for the images and modals for the enquiry forms.

Xebidy has been retained ongoing to market the website for Fletcher Living including a Google cost-per-click campaign

Update: July 2008

We have just completed a redesign and development of the Fletcher Living at Jacks Point website.  From above now that the site was on a usable content management server it was soon realised that the team at Fletcher Living had a huge amount they wanted to add to their website regularly and that the existing website real-estate (pardon the pun) was simply not enough.

So, we have designed a new site that is more modern in it’s look and is a lot more fluid in it’s design.  One of the most obvious things you see in design companies that not normally design for print and try and design websites is that they can not handle the borderless fluid shape of a website.  They try and restrict everything into magazine like proportions that just don’t suit the web.

We also had a new flash introduction made by our friend Davis Hammon at Rising Tiger.  The idea here is that it mimics a house being built into the natural setting – something that is at the heart of the Jacks Point development.

Finally, we have added a houses for sale section to the website.  This initially might not look like much – but in fact it is pretty special.  Unfortunately, Fletcher head office struggled to work with us on the best way to show the houses for sale on the website because they were all stored in a central database on the Fletcher Residential website.  We used screen scraping technology to pull this content onto the newly developed FLQ site.  This means that the crew at Jack’s Point can add houses to their central database and they will also appear on their website, without the need to double enter everything.  We also added the ability to add brochures, videos and extra images to the houses which were lacking on the corporate website.

Update: July 2009

We have just completed another rework of the Fletcher Living website.  This latest reincarnation does add any significantly new functionality apart for a photo gallery, but it does simply modernise the look and feel one year on from the last release.  We have removed the flash introduction and made the site look more in-line with the latest looks on the Internet.

It is great to work with a company that recognises that you should keep your designs modern and fresh regularly instead of completely rebuild the website every five years.

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