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Project Name: inQueenstown
URL: http://www.inqueenstown.com
Project Highlights:

  • Development on a Content Management Server
  • Re-design of existing website to take inQueenstown to the next level
  • Regular fresh content on blogging style software
  • Integration of rich multi-media
  • Integration of website content into social media
  • Ongoing search engine campaign

inQueenstown.com is a website representing four hotels, together with information on activities such as skiing, golfing, dining out and entertainment in the Queenstown region.
The web design had to reflect the ambience of the hotels and appeal to the target audience.
Muted tones with vibrant professional images of clientele and the surrounding stunning Queenstown scenery were used to achieve this goal.

inQueenstown is built on the content management system, Bootstrap (which we developed from Silverstripe). It is an easy-to-use CMS and hence, staff are able to maintain the website, keeping the content fresh and appealing to the audience and of course search engines.
Blogging software has been incorporated in the design so newsworthy items can be included in the site. This blogging platform allows for comment and interaction with the website viewers and the tags and keywords all go towards boosting the search engine ratings.
The use of Flash and Flickr keeps the website visually appealing and image-rich to draw in users and entice them to explore the site in more detail.
The sumptuous imagery also helps to reflect and reinforce the high standard of  hotels and activities listed on the website.

Social media tools were well-utilised to direct traffic to the website and engage the viewer. A Facebook account was set up and any new blogs or articles of interest related to inQueenstown were posted to the Facebook fan/like page.
This in turn feeds through to the inQueenstown Twitter account to access an even wider audience. Tweets were made regularly and the number of followers has vastly increased, driving more visits back to and raising the profile of the website

A bespoke web design utilising sumptuous imagery, integration into social media accounts and frequently refreshed content has formed a winning combination.

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