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Xebidy design and develops web strategies and websites for the ‘new’ Internet.

What is the ‘new’ Internet.  Well, for starters websites just look cooler.  Website designers have moved a long way from the old boring print influenced designs.  Websites are more interactive.  Users are demanding much more control over a wesbite – they don’t just want an address, they want a map that they can move around see where things are, print, send to their phones or get directions from wherever they are.

We call the interaction between the users and a website Web 2.0.  A modern website must give the user a richer more engaging experience.  This does not mean flash, but an actual experience where they can utilise your content to understand you and your company.

Xebidy is engaged by many interantional clients just like you at many different levels from the derivation of an internet strategy, through to design and development of a website, to the complete management of a site including content management, search engine optimization, and Internet marketing.

Xebidy brings together a wealth of  business knowledge and experience, and proven track records of our team members in successful web development focusing on driving profitable returns through eCommerce websites.  Clients choose Xebidy because of our market leading web strategy initiatives, our dedication to making amazing looking sites with great attention to high quality code and our reputation for developing the hard stuff that others are scared of.

Xebidy in the Media

Here’s a list of websites, newspapers and magazines where Xebidy has been featured or the crew have been interviewed.

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  • Dan Roberts consulted on NZ Tourism use of social media in new Go All The Way campaign. Check it out at tvnz
  • Dan Roberts talks about the earthquake occurred on July 2009 and the consequences of Tweeting it: Read the full article.
  • Press release about Sam Tihen, ex Yahoo! Software Engineer, joining Xebidy. Read the full article
  • Queenstown IT industry making a mark: projects, the travel industry and Travel Generation. Read the full article.
  • Making the world your oyster: Travel Generation featured @ Otago Daily Times Read the full article.
  • Dan Roberts interviewed by The Independent 17th July 2009. Read the full article.

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Xebidy Crew

Xebidy is the largest web design and development company in Queenstown made up of a team of 9 at present. Amongst this team of snowboarders, skiers, mountain bikers and self-professed geeks are web designers, programmers and developers, marketers and those that do the work.

Check out our key staff: