Xebidy is an Internet marketing company which
specialises in online strategies, web development and search engine marketing.

Featured Work

  • Oz Experience

    Unique use of Google mapping, world leader in You Tube Chromeless API and itinerary building functionality.

    Oz Experience
  • Adventure Tours

    A 5 month strategy analysis and an emotionally charged design that has led to exceptional sales increases.

    Adventure Tours Australia Group
  • Backpacking Queensland

    Leading edge user generated content and Web 2.0 elements in a modern portal.

    Bakcpacking Queensland
  • Downtown Backpackers

    Even small sites can look amazing such as this website for a hostel in Wellington.

    Downtown Backpackers

Internet StrategyInternet Strategy

Like every part of your business you need a strategy that analyses how your customers interact with your product on the Internet, the functionality that will make them purchase and a looking forward to the "next big thing" on the Internet.

Internet Strategy Web Design

As first point of contact your customers have with you, your website should blow them away with its professionalism and uniqueness. Xebidy boasts over 40 international clients just like you because we make bloody good websites.

Internet StrategyOnline Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, SEO, Google, Search Engines and Blogs - this might all sound foreign to you, but it is music to us. The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool for reaching directly to your potential customers.

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It's just our opinion on anything to do with the Internet, online marketing and web design - particularly with a tourism angle!
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